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Helen O'Grady International is doing stellar work in providing innovative educational initiatives with a global perspective and maintaining stringent quality control across verticals. More than one million students in over 32 countries have benefitted from its courses. Our specialty is using fun drama activities to focus on bold, outspoken dramatic development and to draw out the quiet, inarticulate person and help them reach into themselves and discover their full potential.

We offer a highly developed, original developmental drama programme catering to five age groups:

  • 3-5 years (Kindy Drama)
  • 5-8 years (Lower Primary)
  • 9-12 years (Upper Primary)
  • 13-18 years (Youth Theatre)
  • 18+ (Youth Theatre Advanced)

Kindy Drama: 3-5 years

The Kindy Drama Programme helps young children build confidence, communication and interactive skills though drama techniques. Our techniques involve storytelling, improvisation, devised theatre, mime and dance and many such activities based on age appropriate concepts.

This curriculum runs throughout school terms in private studios and pre-schools. The session runs from 45 minutes to one hour per class, and parents usually wait outside depending on the age of the child and the ratio of teachers and children. The sessions follow structured and seasonal themes throughout the year.

We collaborate with pre-school franchises like Euro Kidz, Kidzee, Kangaroo Kids, Hello Kidz, Podar Jumbo Kids, etc, and activity centres for our co-curricular and extra-curricular Kindy drama classes.

"Helen O' Grady Mumbai is making continuous efforts towards perfection in their work. They have incorporated innovative methods for teaching English language through speech and drama. I wish them all the best."
- Mrs. Reeta Duggal, Principal, Thakur Public School

Lower Primary: 5-8 years

The Helen O'Grady developmental drama programme for Lower Primary provides young children with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasant social skills.

Our program enables them to be active participants in all aspects of their lives. Students are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers and share information with others. Children who mix well with others find it easier to make friends and adjust to new situations.

The Academy's highly trained teachers motivate students to become articulate communicators through enthusiastic participation in a wide range of creative activities. These include speech training, creative movement, improvisation, and a special year-end performance.

"Character, like embroidery, is made stitch by stitch. Helen O' Grady International helped our students by boosting their self-confidence and eliminating stage fear."
- Sr. Gracelin Rose Mary, Ex-Principal, St. Anne's High School

Upper Primary: 9-12 years

The Helen O'Grady International Upper Primary program for children ages 9-12 is designed to help each child achieve invaluable life skills to help them transition through adolescence to adulthood.

Students in our Upper Primary program participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement and improvisation. At the end of each year, they apply these skills to create a scripted production, which is performed for parents and friends.

In a fun-filled atmosphere, our classes aim to equip young people with confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.

"Developing social skills and communication skills is so critical, and Speech and Drama classes conducted by Helen O' Grady International presents the best platform for this."
- Mr. Sachin Sachdeva, Principal, MBIS

Youth Theatre 13-18 years

'Helen O' Grady International attracts a wide range of young people, from those seeking to boost confidence and speaking ability, to those hoping to pursue a career in the theatre, film, radio or television.

The dynamic, theatre arts program encompasses a five-year curriculum providing young actors with a comprehensive training material for film, television, radio and theatre. Some of the skills we work upon include spontaneous improvisation, voice production, small group improvisation with specific directives, mini scripts, character analysis, open-ended duologues, theatre games, radio plays, quick fire dialogues, monologues and structured scenes.

Performance is at the heart of the Youth Theatre Curriculum and students have many opportunities to show their advanced skills, including an end-of-year production. enhance

"In my seven years of experience with Helen O’ Grady International classes, I think it’s the best way to improve your speech, drama and imagination skills. We don’t have any books and relied only on actual interaction, which made us improve our speaking skills. We learned new words everyday. The final play is the best, since we actually got to stand on a stage and overcome our stage fears. In short, it’s an amazing experience."
– Helee Pandya, student of Thakur Public School, Mumbai

Youth Theatre: 18+ (Advanced)

The 18+ Youth Theatre classes focus on the 3 Ps: Presentation, Public Speaking and Performance Skills. In today's world, people who can communicate effectively are the ones who will achieve success in their social and professional lives. The skills learnt in these classes will help all adults to become articulate speakers, with excellent presentation skills.

With a theatrical base to these classes, students will learn advanced voice production, spontaneous thinking, improvisation, and advanced acting technique for film, radio and the theatre.

"'Helen O' Grady International's Youth Theatre classes help in more ways than one. Within a few sessions, one witnesses a change in their overall personality. From body language and speech, to confidence in conduct, HOG brings out the best in you."
– Aditya Chaturvedi, student from Harkisan Mehta's institute of Media Research and Analysis.

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