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The Tempest:

'The Tempest' is a well-known play by Shakespeare. A story full of adventure, magic and supernatural characters, it explores the universal human values of jealousy, greed, revenge, love and forgiveness.

Our iteration of the play has been directed by renowned film actor and mime artist, Mr. K Paintal. It combines components of experimental theatre with the period drama, and is entirely depicted by dance, music and pantomime. There are no dialogues.

Helen O’Grady’s The Tempest has proven to be a great learning experience for young school and college students, enhance their understanding of Shakespeare in a unique way. Their creativity and imagination is fired through the experience of live theatre, which is mounted on a grand Broadway-style musical.

We have had more than 25 houseful shows in Mumbai at leading venues like St. Andrews, NCPA and Rangsharda, and in a number of cities across India like Chandigarh, Amritsar, Nagpur, Goa, Ooty, Pune and many more. In 2017, we’re putting on shows in Varanasi, Chennai, Delhi and Jaipur.

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"We really enjoyed the show and honestly, we got goosebumps.It was so nice and vividly expressed, that too without dialogues. Everything was just lovely! The sound, the acting and everything was perfectly well coordinated and the cast was really superb. I had a great time and I am looking forward to more such plays."

Sandhya Wani, TheSomaiya School

"I know HOG puts on a wonderful program but today after watching the Tempest show, it was marvelous, fantastic and the most interesting aspect is that the play was performed without words. A musical mime! It was wonderful, awesomely done. I must say it was a fantastic job done by the students by the directors and all those behind the show."

Yakuta from Surat

"The show was very spectacular and we all really enjoyed it."

Students from Khar Education Society


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