Franchising Facts

  • Started in 1979 in Australia
  • Now the world's largest Developmental EduDrama Academy
  • Spread across 32 countries
  • Launched in India in 2003
  • 75 franchisees across the country
  • Presence in 60 cities
  • Enrolling 50,000 students annually

Franchise Options

  • Master Franchise
  • Area Franchise
  • Studio Franchise

Franchise Benefits

  • Successfully operating and internationally proven business format
  • Recognised Brand in co-curricular education in School Education industry
  • Exclusive & international educational content and methodology
  • Exclusive and well developed Training Modules
  • Full support in establishing business
  • Exclusive territorial rights to the franchisees
  • Interactive communication and information sharing with the franchisor and other franchisees
  • Marketing and promotion guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

The total invest will include franchise fees, marketing and promotion expenses for business launch, printing of brochure and stationery and working capital.
The working capital will cover the salaries and conveyance for all employees(marketing & faculty) and initial operational expenses of implementation of the programme.
The returns on invest is directly proportional to the amount of the time and effort invested by the franchisee for business development and sale of the programme to the targeted clientele. In an ideal situation, in the first year it would be around 30% to 40%, from the second year it would reach up to 50%.
The break even time will depend upon the amount of time and effort invested by the franchisee, ideally a small to medium franchisee breaks even in 2 years and a large franchisee break even in 3 years.
The Helen O'Grady International business as such can be started during any time of the year. Keeping the school Academic cycle in consideration, September - November would be the best time to launch the programme and approach the schools to incorporate the programme in their curriculum, which normally would start from April or June depending upon their geographical location.
The Helen O'Grady Programme is already being conducted in 60 cities across India, which include Metros, Tier-I, Tier-II, Tier-III & Tier-IV cities. There is no reason to assume the programme will not be accepted in your city.
If for some reason, there is initial resistance to a new programme from schools for in-curriculum offering, the business must be launched as an after school programme in collaboration with the school, preschool, activity centres, etc. Your ability to successfully launch after school centres and successfully complete the programme will create additional credibility for the schools to take notice.
There are key requisites in terms of abilities and skills to become a trainer, which will be shared with you and if you match the requirements you can definitely become a trainer.
As a new franchisee we provide you with 2 free onsite trainings in the first year. Other than this, the curriculum training for teachers can be conducted in Mumbai or your place upon a request from you, at your logistical cost.
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