H e l e n O' G r a d y

Classes - Workshops

Short term workshops are designed for groups which are unable to engage in a full academic year programme. These could be 10\15\20 hour programmes spread over 5\10\15 days as per the convenience of the group. Customized modules are created to focus on specialized skill sets. These modules are especially popular amongst youngsters and can be taken in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced modules. Communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking and presentation skills are among the most popular workshops amongst the young.

We also offer vacation workshops which aim to complement the work completed during the term-time programme and take students to the next level of personal development. These are short duration programmes designed to keep students creatively engaged during their vacations.

The programme can be for 12-15 days for one hour each. During each day students gain an experience of three theatrical disciplines which could include: singing, dance, drama, mask-making, puppetry, mime, costume design and physical theatre.

The highlight of the holiday programme is a workshop performance for parents and friends.

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